The hardest and most time consuming part of moving is packing all of your belongings so they can make it safely to their destination. Rather than spending weeks trying to slowly pack up everything and living in a chaos of boxes, let us take care of the packing for you.

Professional Packers
Our packing services are performed by professionals who have been carefully chosen. All have gone through background checks and proven their worth with years of unblemished service. They are very fast and efficient, but also know how to treat your items with care so nothing is broken or damaged during the move.

We Pack As Much or Little As You Want
We offer full packing services for moving, but also are flexible. If you would only like us to pack some items in your home, we can do that too. Many families choose to have us pack up the difficult items like antiques and vases, or the kitchen. During your free moving estimate, the moving agent will give you a quote for packing services so you can understand how much it will cost to pack just some or all of your belongings.

Commercial Packing Services
Our packing team specializes in office moves. We can help with all stages of packing for the commercial move, including planning for the move by creating stations which need to be packed. We make sure your electronics stay safe and that your files stay organized. When you use our commercial packing services, you are also able to get full valuation insurance for your business relocation.

Quality Packing and Wrapping Materials
We use sturdy boxes and quality materials like bubble wrap and tissue paper for our packing services. When our packing team comes over, they will have everything which is needed to do the packing job right without any shortcuts. Some of our specialty packing materials include:
• Flat screen TV boxes
• Computer boxes
• Wardrobe boxes
• Mattress boxes
• Furniture pads
• Dish packs
• Electronics crates

After unpacking is complete, we can even buy back these boxes from you so they can be recycled and used again. The box buyback program saves you money and also spares you the trouble of discarding the boxes yourself.

Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly Services
A common moving day disaster is this: you arrive at your new home only to discover that the furniture won’t fit in through the door. Don’t let this happen to you! Furniture should always be disassembled before a move to make sure it can get through doorways and hallways without banging into walls, and also because it frees up more room on the moving truck. Our professional movers have the tools and expertise to take apart furniture quickly and skillfully. We use methods to ensure that all parts of the disassembled furniture are safely stored and never lost. Once at your new home, we can quickly get your furniture reassembled so you can get started on your new life there.

Color Coded Packing System
We know how important it is to stay organized during a move. When packing your belongings, our professional packers use a color coding system to keep track of items. We will label each box with a color according to its room and then the boxes can easily be unloaded exactly where they need to go in your new home.

How Packing Services Work
Each situation is different but, with a family home move, we can usually complete packing in about 3-6 hours with a team of professional packers. The packing is scheduled at a time which is convenient to you, which usually means the day before moving day. If there is anything which you would not like us to pack, please specify these items or set them in a separate area.

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