Whether you are moving your business to a new location in Sugar Land or across Texas, our teams of professional movers are up for the job. We understand the many complexities of business relocation and are here to help at each step of the move. When you choose Sugar Land Movers for business relocation services, you will be paired with a moving consultant who will work with your staff to ensure everything goes according to plan.

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Professional Moving Services for Sugar Land Businesses
Commercial relocations are very different than residential moves and should only be handled by a moving company with experience. Sugar Land Movers has a staff of the best movers in the business. These are professional movers and not day laborers or contractors! Our staff members have been highly trained in matters like handling electronics, dismantling cubicles and office furniture, and file packing. Some of the industries we serve with relocation services include:
• Restaurants
• Retail stores
• Offices
• Churches
• Warehouses
• And more

Relocation Planning Services
When you sign up for our business relocation services, we will assign you a professional moving coordinator to help you plan each step of the move. Our moving coordinators have worked with many commercial across multiple industries and can foresee problems and prevent them before they occur. Some examples of how we are able to help with the relocation process are: securing parking, ensuring furniture will fit into new premises, dis and re-assembly of cubicles, temporary storage services, full or partial packing services, and minimizing downtime with schedule coordination.

Commercial Packing and Unpacking Services
Packing and unpacking are the most tedious and time consuming parts of any move. With commercial moves, the task can be even more onerous because of the many fragile and sensitive items which need to be safely packed and unpacked at the new location. There is also the challenge of getting everything packed in an efficient manner without disrupting workflow. The last thing you want is to have business operations stalled for weeks while your employees trip over boxes or can’t find vital documents!

Our professional movers can pack and unpack businesses in a matter of hours. We arrive at your business before the move with all the supplies needed, including specialty crates for electronics and files, and tools for disassembling office furniture. Everything is packed safely and securely so no damages occur in route to the new location. We also offer inventory services as part of our commercial packing services so you know exactly what is in each box and where to find it.

Commercial Moving Estimates
Don’t trust moving companies who give estimates online. We provide free quotes for our business relocation services, and all quotes are given on site so they can be customized to your actual needs. During the free estimate, a moving agent will come to your business and have a consultation with you. The moving agent will listen to your needs, assess which services you need and how long the move will take. All of your questions will be answered and our moving agents will also inform you of any possible complications which you may not be aware of so steps can be taken to mitigate them. You will get a moving estimate in writing which includes all of the services you need, and not any of the moving services you don’t really need.

Commercial Moving Tips
• Make a diagram of the floor plan for the new location. Any of your office furniture which won’t fit in the new location should be disposed of before moving day. You don’t want to pay to move items that you don’t need! Arrange for a nonprofit company to pick up the unwanted items as a donation and you can probably even get a tax exemption for it.
• Be sure you schedule utilities in the old and new location accordingly. You will want to have the utilities turned on in the new location at least a couple days before moving in and schedule the utilities to be shut off in the old place a few days after moving so you have time to go back and clean up if necessary.
• Contact the management of the new building and see if there are any rules about moving. If you need to get a certificate of insurance, it can take up to a week to obtain. Also find out where the moving truck can park and see if you can reserve use of a freight elevator, if the new premise has one.
• Remember to back up your computer system! Always pack and move the backup separately from the computers.
• If you cannot afford any downtime, consider doing the move in two stages. We can move one part of the business on one day, and the remainder on another day. This way, your business will never completely halt.
• Get employees involved in the move. Have them pack up their own desks. Assign employees to oversee the move and come up with color-coding systems for work stations.

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