There is a lot which needs to be done when you are moving. Make it easier on yourself by following this moving checklist.

1-2 Months Before the Move:
• Contact Moving Companies: Schedule in-home moving estimates with a minimum of 3 companies. Choose a moving company ASAP so you can be sure to get the date you want. Moving companies book up quickly!
• Start Sorting through Items: Make a pile for trash, donation, and items you want to sell. If you are going to sell items, they should be listed as soon as possible. Garage sales should be held at least 1 month before moving day.
• Get Packing Supplies: If you are getting your own boxes from free sources, then you need to start obtaining them now. It takes a while to get enough boxes!
• Measure: Measure your furniture and make sure it will be able to get out of your old home and into the new home.
• Make a Floor Plan: You can use free software to create a floor plan of where your furniture will go in the new home. Print it and give it to the movers so they can put furniture in the right spot.
• Make an Inventory: Create an inventory of items, listing valuable items individually with descriptions and photographs.

3-6 Weeks Before the Move:
• Borrowed and Lent Items: Return all borrowed items like library books and get back any items you lent out.
• Pack Items You Don’t Use Often: This includes seasonal clothing, holiday decorations, duplicate items, and basement items.
• Call Utility Companies: Schedule to have your utilities turned off at the old home 2 or 3 days after you move. Have utilities turned on 3 days before you move in at the new place.
• Change of Address: Update your address at the post office. You will also need to update your address with utilities, service providers, magazine subscriptions, and organizations.
• School Records: Have school records sent to the new school.
• Obtain Important Documents: Especially when moving long distance, make sure to get copies of important documents like birth certificates and work and school records.
• Look for New Medical Providers: See what your insurance covers and start researching medical providers.
• Make Arrangements for Pets: Pets need to have all vaccines updated and any arrangements for their travel must be made.
• Make Travel Arrangements: If you are moving long distance or will be staying in a hotel during the move, make these arrangements now.
• Separate Out Valuables: All valuable items like jewelry should be packed separately and taken with you, not put on the moving truck.

2 Weeks Before the Move:
• Pack: Pack items which you use infrequently, like duplicate towels and linens, kitchen appliances, extra toys, and some clothing.
• Pack Essentials Box: Pack a box with all the items you will need for the first 3 days in your new home. This box is loaded onto the moving truck last and unloaded first.
• Use Up Food Items: Start using up food items in your pantry. Don’t by any more that you won’t eat before moving day.
• Clean and Renovate the New Place: If you have access to the new home, then go over to clean it up and perform any renovations which are needed, like patching holes. You may also want to spray for bugs and pests.
• Make Arrangements for Childcare: Make plans to have someone look after your small children on moving day so no accidents occur.

1 Week Before the Move:
• Call Moving Company: Confirm your moving date and time
• Confirm Utilities: Make sure the utilities are scheduled to turn off/on at the old and new place.
• Do Laundry: Wash everything so it can be clean for packing.
• Pack Suitcase: Pack items you will need for the first few days in your new home.
• Refill Prescription Medications: Get all medications you will need to hold you over until you are settled in the new home.
• Prepare Lawn Mowers and Machinery: Empty all gas and oil from machines; take off any blades so they can be packed safely

2-3 Days Before the Move:
• Defrost refrigerator: It can take several days to defrost a freezer, so don’t wait until the last minute to do this!
• Confirm Utilities: They should be turned on in the new place by now.
• Confirm with the Moving Company: Always confirm again. You don’t want to risk the moving company not showing up when you are all packed and ready to go!
• Finish Packing: With the exception of the basic items you will need for the last few days in your old home, finish packing up everything.
• Dismantle Furniture: Unless you are having the moving company do this for you, you will need to dismantle all furniture. Put screws and parts into small bags and tape them to the bottom of the furniture.
• Get Cash: You will need cash for paying the movers and paying for any expenses like food delivery

Moving Day:
• Pack Bedding: Quickly pack up bedding and label it so you can find it easily at the new home.
• Check Movers Are Right Company: The USDOT number on the moving truck should match the one on your contract.
• Confirm Address: Make sure the movers have the right address and directions as well as contact info.
• Sign Bill of Lading: Read through the terms and sign it before the moving company leaves with your belongings.

First Day in New Home:
• Unpack Essentials Box
• Assembled beds and bedding
• Unpack bathroom
• Celebrate! You’ve just moved into your brand new home!