When moving, one of the first things that people want to know is “how much will moving cost?” At Sugar Land Movers, we know that budget is important to you – but so are having quality moving services to make the relocation easier. To help you plan for your move and choose the right moving company, we offer free moving quotes with no hidden fees or strings attached.

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FAQs about Moving Quotes

Why do you have to come to my home for the moving quote?
Many moving companies will give quotes online. They simply ask you to fill in some basic info like the number of rooms you have and people living in the home. Based on this information, it is possible to give a very general quote. However, this moving quote could be very different from the real costs of the move. What if you have a lot of fragile items which need to be moved? Or your move takes longer because you live on a 3rd-floor walkup? Or maybe you are minimalists and don’t have much to move at all? These are all things which need to be assessed in person to make sure the right quote is being given.

What happens during the moving quote?
A moving agent will come to your home and ask you questions about your move, such as where you are moving to, parking conditions at the new home, and whether you require any special services such as piano moving or fragile item crating. The moving agent will also look at each room of your home to assess the volume of belongings which need to be moved. During the moving assessment, please be as honest as possible with the agent. Let the agent know of any items which you plan on getting rid of before the move and any challenges you foresee. This will help the moving agent give you an accurate quote.

How are moving quotes estimated?
Moving quotes for local moves are given based on hourly rates and how many hours it is expected to take. Long distance moves are quoted based on the estimated weight of your belongings, with a per-pound price. Additional moving services are always listed separately. Services on the moving quote are itemized so you can easily understand what you are paying for.

Will the moving quote change?
We give moving quotes in writing and the quoted price is valid for a set period of time. We urge you to schedule your moving date with us as soon as possible. Someone else may schedule moving services with us first, and then we may be unable to meet your date. Once you schedule services and sign the binding contract, your moving date will be set.

What is the difference between the moving quote and moving contract?
A moving quote is a non-binding estimate of how much the move will cost. There are absolutely no obligations on either party with the moving quote – you can choose to use our moving services or not. Likewise, we are not under any obligation to uphold the moving quote (such as if another customer schedules with us first). Once you do decide to use our moving services, you will be given a moving contract to sign. This contract is binding for both parties. The contract will lay out all the details of the move, including services, costs, and timeframe.

How can I save money on moving?
The best way to save money on moving costs is to plan ahead. Start early and carefully research moving companies so you know what services are you are getting and for what cost. You can also save money on moving by getting rid of items you don’t want, making sure everything is packed on moving day so no time is wasted packing last-minute items, and moving during down times such as in the middle of the week or winter.

What if my needs change at some point during the move?
We understand that sometimes unexpected things happen and your plans change. We try to be as accommodating as possible with changes of moving date, but please understand that moves can book up quickly. If you decide that you need different services than what were listed in the estimate, this is fine. Our moving contracts carefully spell out each cost associated with the move so you will know how much it will cost should you need other moving services such as help with packing.